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There’s no denying that ecommerce continues to be a driving force in our technologically advanced economy. In fact, a recent study shows that ecommerce sales increased by 8.7 percent in 2016.

Growing ecommerce trends have brought us more customer experience focused applications, food service delivery programs, and the growth of sites focusing on selling more niche and eclectic products. If the growth in 2016 is any indication, 2017 could see even more sophistication and advancement in ecommerce possibilities.

Earlier this year, Shopify released a list of trends within ecommerce services that they view as the most impactful for this year. A few of the most innovative trends from their list show just how important it is to think creatively about both your product and how you plan to sell your product.

Todd Lefelt of HUGE predicts that successful brands will have more service-based incentives that are self-sustaining, such as features seen with Amazon Prime. According to Lefelt, these incentives will be “…loss-leader strategies, better personalized recommendation tools, more subscription renewal services (think Dollar Shave Club), digital concierge services, and stellar customer service and product support.”

Speaking of Amazon, competition with the ecommerce giant will continue to grow in 2017. “Amazon has moved into a staggeringly broad range of markets – including music, cars, clothing, photo processing, even lumber. No matter what kind of business you’re in, it’s safe to say that Amazon has its eye on it,” states Tammy Everts, a senior member of digital performance management company SOASTA.

Customer experience upgrades will also be a primary focus of companies looking to stand out amongst their competitors. The days of manually adding items to a shopping cart could soon be replaced by more conversational and natural means of communication. Online shoppers could soon experience shopping on an entirely new level with possible enhancements like augmented reality, saying goodbye to cookie-cutter websites and landing pages, and being introduced to more personalized shopping experiences.

But perhaps one of the most difficult trends that needs to be a top priority is the demand for same day delivery – or, as experts call it, “on-demand delivery.” People want what they want when they want it, and 2017 will see shoppers seeking out sites that are already ahead of the game in this area.

No matter where these top trends take the ecommerce world, one thing is clear: it’s time to connect the needs of your customers with the trends within this industry in order to see your ecommerce sales soar.