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The baby boomer generation is considered the first generation to ‘humanize’ their pets. In other words, this generation saw their pets as part to the family. Today, 95% of all pet owners consider their pets to be part of the family. How does this connect to ecommerce? Buying pet products online is already a growing trend and it is poised to grow stronger. Let’s explore some of the reasoning behind this growth.


The fact is, the bulk of larger pack sizes is one of the key drivers in ordering pet food online. Buying with a single click and arranging for home delivery can seem like a clever life hack to the consumer, as opposed to lugging a bulky bag of food home from the store. Convenience is key when it comes to buying anything, especially pet food and products that are often heavy and awkward to transport.

Larger Selection

Consumers in 2018 are used to being offered every possible option for a product. The problem for local brick and mortar pet stores is this is not a feasible option. Online retails, however, can offer it all when it comes to pet products. A research director at Packaged Facts says that  “the frequency with which pet shoppers are buying online is to be expected given the increasing amount of choice, both in stores to choose from and plethora of products. In addition, retailers seem to have better figured out how to sell bulky pet items online, at a discount, while still turning a profit.”

Millennials as Pet Owners

In 2018, Millennials make up the largest Millennials are highly adept at using technology to research and buy products, and they look for convenience when shopping. These habits carry over into their spending on their pets. Therefore, the average millennial will order their cat litter on Amazon just like they order their own products. It is a natural progression for millennials to make.

It seems like every market is present in e commerce these days. One of the original and strongest moving markets though is pet products. Due to the convenience, selection and nature of the owner, online pet product purchasing are growing at a rapid rate!