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Creating a presence on social media is not difficult to do. There are seemingly endless social profiles that can be created on your behalf so that your potential clients can find you on multiple platforms.

But there’s a problem with this strategy. In this case, quantity is not better than quality. If you are focused on the volume of profiles that exist in your name, you are most likely not as concerned with the quality of your posts.

Instead, if you are trying to grow your brand with purpose, cultivate meaningful relationships with followers, and get increased attention from consumers and industry leaders, then, and only then, are you effectively using social media as it was intended. This is what will truly shape you as an influencer online.

This is how you should be using social media for your brand:

Create quality content and post frequently.

In a society that lives on social media, you will be competing for visibility against a constant wave of posts. The only way to be seen is to post frequently across your main social profiles. While quantity is important in this case, quality should not take a back seat. You want to post meaningful content, otherwise it won’t be shared or, even worse, read at all.

Research yourself.

Don’t just upload content and disappear until it’s time to upload something else. Research yourself at least once a week so that you are aware of what your followers are saying about you. If you are actively checking in, you will be able to combat any negative comments before they start a snowball effect and start placing a shadow on your reputation.

Be relevant and timeless.

There are two approaches that you want to take when it comes to curating posts. You want to have pieces that are timeless and will be readable for years to come. You also want to be relevant and speak on trending situations and/or issues that are receiving a lot of attention. Be selective when speaking on these specific areas, though. It’s important to be open and honest, but try to avoid the heat that often comes with touching on controversial subjects.

Engage with other influencers.

Don’t perceive other influencers as competition. Instead, consider them as opportunities to network. Connect with suitable influencers and you will both be able to support one another in stable growth.

Social media should not be viewed as a frustrating “task” that is tacked onto your already busy schedule. When seamlessly integrated into your business strategy, it is a tool that can help you thrive on both a local or global level, depending on your goals.